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. . . transforming blight into beauty & opportunity

WE ARE . . . 

Two artists bringing our gifts, skills and talents to tackle pressing community concerns. Taking our creativity into the streets for transformative community change at a grassroots level.

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Our work is grounded within the context of  Arts-Based Community Development, Trauma Informed Community Building, Healing Historical Harms and other methodologies to guide how we work in community in order to do no harm. 

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WE WANT . . . 

To connect with a variety of creative and community stakeholders of all sorts, to further amplify the impactof creativity's transformative powers in communities far and wide.

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Oct. 1, 2019

Summer sure has been busy. We have new murals going up on a near daily basis. Stop by the Rader Street corridor between 29th Street and Burdsal Pkwy. In addition, we've updated the intersection murals near both Ignite Achievement Academy ( and Global Prep Academy (As soon as everything is completed, we'll have updated photos and 

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Circle City Sweet Potato Festival 

Get ready for Circle City Sweet Potato Festival: Part Deux! Join us on Saturday, October 12th from 12 - 5 pm. Meet us at the intersection for 26th and Rader Streets for community celebration, fun, music and fall's favorite food. Come out and vote for your favorite dish as 10 cooks present mouth watering dishes for you to vote for your favorite! 


Last year the first festival was a HUGE success with more than 425 community members showing to celebrate. Checkout all the fabulous photographs from the event.  See you soon!

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